What are bdc graduates prepared for?

As I am approaching the end of the Master’s program, I have developed a strong appreciation of how beneficial it is to have an integrated science and business knowledge. After graduation, I will be continuing with my internship role as a Project Manager working in the digital health space.

Areeba Athar, Master's Student

After completing the BDC program I hope to pursue a career in medicine, making use of the scientific knowledge, collaboration, and communication skills that this program emphasized. At the end of the day, I want a career where I can work with people and continue to learn and talk science.

Maddy Rudolph, 4th Year Student

This past internship term I have been working at Merus Labs International as a Business Development and Market Analyst conducting due diligence on key priority assets. This has been an excellent opportunity to build my market forecasting and asset valuation skills specific to the pharmaceutical industry.

Sherry Yang, Master’s Student

The BDC program has provided me the framework to pursue entrepreneurship and start my own business. My business involves predicting currency investment opportunities in the foreign exchange market. This is achievable thanks to the interdisciplinary skill-set I have developed while in the BDC program, including: data analysis, hypothesis testing, critical thinking and teamwork skills.

Dhillon Persaud, 4th Year Student