Passion for science and business.
A curiosity towards biomedical research.
The amibition to tackle real-world problems through
teamwork and collaboration with industry.

I have a huge passion for all things science, but I always knew science just wasn’t enough. I also had an interest in business. The last time I took a business course was in high school, but in BDC I learned the basics and more. Now I have a holistic understanding of the industry combining science and business.

Ruilin Wu, 4th Year Student

I knew that I loved biomedical science, and I knew that I enjoyed hands-on wet lab work, but it was my curiosity that led me to this program. I wanted to explore other opportunities in industry while maintaining a core research focus.

Rachel Fong, Master’s Student

When I first looked at the program, the fourth-year 15-unit thesis was quite intimidating. Throughout my third- year, I have had so much exposure to real-world problems in my science courses that I was able to make a strong impression on my supervisor and I am feeling very confident stepping into the thesis.

Luke Yaeger, 3rd Year Student

From day one, the BDC program has you working as a team. Teamwork is so important because all students enter the program from different disciplines. In my group we have people from Biochem, ChemBio, Life Sciences, and other specialties. We all bring different perspectives, but we all love science.

Maddy Rudolph, 4th Year Student
BDC Student Interviews