how do we Teach?
Team-Based Learning

Our teaching methods break the traditional academic mold. We ask students to develop soft skills, lead teams, and collaborate. We combine that with a big push to be sharp and critical about science and business practices.

Dr. Andrew McArthur,
Associate Professor
Projects with real-world impact

This past fall, I had a team of four Master’s students supporting Enhanced Medical Nutrition’s Commercialization strategy. They contributed to clinical data analysis, economic impact assessments, and market intelligence initiatives to help us meet our ambitious launch date. I was thrilled to work with an engaged group of students and wish them well as they embark on their internships next term.

Eric Zimmerman, Co-Founder and Director, Enhanced Medical Nutrition Inc.

I am one of several industry content experts that teach in the third-year drug discovery and development course. Using hands-on case studies and active classroom discussions, I teach students about clinical trials and development. It is amazing to interact with such bright and eager students, and I enjoy sharing my insights into the various career paths that BDC students may be suited for.

Zuhal Butuner,
Worldwide Brand Medical Director,
Ophthalmology, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

The program integrates technology to offer a flipped classroom for some courses. Labster is a very neat tool that gives students a virtual lab experience and teaches techniques before the students enter the lab. This is all done through a gamified learning experience.

Dr. Felicia Vulcu, Assistant Professor